There is real power in writing. When you write things down not only do you have a record which you can reflect back on at a future time but you are making a stronger commitment to changing your life.

Start a gratitude journal today. When people hear the word “journal” they thing of fancy leather bound diary type books that cost a ton of money. You don’t need anything like this. Just a spiral notebook and pen are fin. Keep this near your bed so you can record your gratitude morning and night.

It will take you just a minute or two to write down what you are grateful for each day. The beauty of having a gratitude journal is that you can go through it once a week to reflect on what you were grateful for the previous week. This will inspire you and keep you firmly on your path to a gratitude filled life.

Get into the habit of recording all of your gratitude moments in your journal. At the end of the day think about what has happened and the events where you were grateful to others. Record all of these in your journal. It doesn’t matter how small the events were – if they caused you to express gratitude then make an entry about them.

If you want to you can carry your gratitude journal around you whenever you go. In this way you can record gratitude moments as they happen. Always remember to state the reasons for your gratitude and how this made you and the receive feel.

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