Now is not the time for false modesty. Even if you don’t think you have any talents, you are going to find that there are things you do where you shine. Don’t be bashful on this, instead be honest with yourself. You have talents.

For example, if you have raised children or even babysat and made it to the end of the day relatively intact, then you have talents. If you’re married, you have talents. Any relationship or close personal interaction with another person is a matter of compromise and demand, give and take. It teaches teamwork and management skills.

If you drive a car, you have talents. If you can persuade someone to go out on a Friday night, or if you can convince a friend to try a new food, or watch a television show they think they are going to hate, you have talents.

What are your talents? Where are your skills? Chances are you’re already gravitating toward something. Doing what we’re good at gives us pleasure, so we keep doing it, practicing it, getting better at it naturally.

What talents do you have? How do you already use them in your job? How can you apply them to your career path?

How do you find your peak with your talents? Let’s start with some examples:

1) Suppose you have a gift for photography. You can see the essence of a thing and capture the moment. Perhaps your peak involves taking pictures for corporate reporting or community relations.

2) Are you gifted with languages? Maybe you can use those skills to better serve your community by acting as a translator. Or by helping others in the workplace who might be struggling because English is their second language.

What about music? Or mathematics? Bring these to the workplace and let them help you in the day-to-day work schedule and in creating long term goals that will point you toward what you do best. Maybe your strength lies in generating reports. Maybe it is in motivating others. Whatever your talent, there’s a place for it somewhere. Think creatively and see where you can use these skills.

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