Steve Harvey says, “you need to have tunnel vision focusing on your goals” and he says, “don’t let past failures define you, success is not a straight line, there will always be zigs and zags”.

After finishing school, Steve spent his early 20’s working at different jobs. He was an insurance salesman, postman, and tried his hand at professional boxing, but none of that seemed to be his true calling.

Living on a tight budget, he sent most of his money for his two children. After a few gigs fell through, suddenly he was homeless. He stayed homeless for three years.

When he did gigs, they would put him up in a hotel, when it was over, he was back to living in his car. He used an Igloo cooler as his refrigerator and washed in gas stations or swimming pool showers.

Steve said, “It was so disheartening, a week is really the maximum you can do. Three years was rock bottom. But even in my darkest days I had faith it would turn around”.

Be like Steve, keep the faith and never give up!

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