Humility is defined as freedom from pride or arrogance: the qualify or state of being humble.  We think humility is: self-deprecating comments that make others laugh and, like us, anyone ourselves and beliefs to make others feel more comfortable, hiding because we aren’t yet good enough.  Humility is none of those things.

Being humble is hard.  Not because you have to give up things or let others walk all over you.  Practicing humility is problematic because it takes hard work to put effort into areas of your life you might have overlooked before or that society in general overlooks.  No one wants to be the person swimming against the stream.

Humility is not about downplaying yourself.  It is about accepting that you are enough just as you are.  That you are ready to help, give, and receive at the moment.  It is imperative if you are doing these things to make others feel more comfortable, either about themselves or about how they perceive you.  Humility is owning up to what you are capable of and giving to the world.

There are clues that you are GENUINELY a HUMBLE person.

Living in a world of social media influencers and reality TV has led many to use humble and humble words with a negative connotation. Self-deprecating comments refer to humble individuals as if they are underprivileged, meek, or lowly. However, those that genuinely led a humble life are, in fact, none of these things. If you are questioning yourself, consider these five clues to understanding yourself as a genuinely humble person.

No Need to Boast – Boastfulness exists in many forms as our society evolves, and the line between sharing and bragging has diminished quickly. With this, the need for validation from others has also come into existence, living side-by-side with boasting. Individuals who have transcended the need for validation do not feel the need to brag about their accomplishments, ownerships, or lifestyles. They also live their lives entirely happy in their own decisions and actions, not needing validation from others to dictate their happiness.

Others Before Self – In our busy world, individuals who regularly take the time to care for others are showing humility. Be it merely stopping to check on a friend or volunteering for a local charity. It can be challenging to find the time to put others before yourself (and your immediate people). Doing so can be rewarding, though.

Making Others Happy – If you feel genuine pleasure at making others happy, you are a humble person. In a world where people are allowed to dole out nastiness with no consequences, it takes a humble person to regularly go out of their way to make others happy.

You Are Owed Nothing – Life is hard, and it takes a lot from us. Many individuals feel that they are owed something, anything for no reason other than existing. Humble individuals typically think that they are not owed anything, nor do they dawn the victim mentality that is so common. Those who are humble are happy with just what they have and prefer to focus on what they can give.

Equality – A clue to someone’s sincerity is that they view themselves as equal to others and others as equals to themselves. Equality is a two-way street: everyone has the chance to do great things. The most important aspect of this stance on equality is the willingness to fight for others’ justice, even when it is not an issue to the individual.

Life looks easier for some.  They seem to move calmly through their days, are willingly assisted by others, and are optimistic leaders who have loyal followers.  While there is most likely a multitude of reasons behind why these individuals may have a more comfortable life, I would like to suggest that it starts by developing quiet confidence.

Humble individuals are amongst us, everywhere. However, they are not easy to recognize because of their willingness to exist without fanfare or validation happily. If you are a humble person, continue. If you don’t know a humble person, take the time to stop and look for one.

Julie Fairhurst

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