Many people focus on unwanted things. It just seems natural for so many people to think about the unwanted in their lives. I suppose it is the fear, the fear that those unwanted things will show up or never go away.

That fear-based thinking causes lack in your life. If you are living with a lackful mindset, you will constantly struggle.

How can you overcome this problem? Start with “I allow” statements. Anytime that you start a sentence with “I allow”, you move your energy to what you allow.

I allow good things to come to me.

I allow money to flow into my life.

I allow people to love me.

I allow my life to be abundant.

I allow my life to be good.

Write out as many “I allow” statements for yourself as you can and start using them daily. Then sit back and watch the magic happen. Yes, there is magic in “I allow”.

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