Reaching the peak, it’s why people climb mountains. We want to reach the peak because it’s a feeling of accomplishment like no other. The same holds true for our careers. It is why people push to get further and further ahead. We want to reach that peak, that pinnacle of achievement. We need to know just how far we can climb.

Getting there, though, remains a problem.

Remaining in the same job year after year isn’t what anyone hopes for. We can see those who are at the top, who seemed to have already reached that mystical place. We know the peak is out there, but how did they get there? How is it that they have reached the goal? What is it that keeps you from being right up there with them?

You start by first analyzing your abilities, your desires and your opportunities. The only way to reach the peak is to find where your peak is. Keep in mind that your peak may be different than someone else, and that’s okay.

Next comes an honest look at the things that hold you back, the pitfalls and doubts that get in the way of your climb. Only then can you start clearing out the rubble that is keeping you from climbing the rest of the way to the top.

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