Are you afraid?

Fear is an important and natural emotion. Feeling fear doesn’t make you weak, it makes you normal. As a matter of fact, most people who do brave things are doing them while they feel fear. Being brave doesn’t mean you’re fearless, it generally means...

Writing is Power

There is real power in writing. When you write things down not only do you have a record which you can reflect back on at a future time but you are making a stronger commitment to changing your life. Start a gratitude journal today. When people hear the word...

Do you need more focus?

A disciplined mind can achieve anything. Albert Einstein’s reputation lives on long after his death because he created groundbreaking inventions that changed the way people live, learn, and work. His work, education, theories, and inventions were the result of a...

Money Blocks

Money blocks are definitely going to stop you from living an abundant life. Put simply; money blocks are negative beliefs about money and abundance that have been buried deep in your sub-conscious often since childhood. Those blocks can spoil things for you if you let...
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