Why is it that you’re not getting ahead?  Are you having difficulty finding opportunities, or could you not talk about the options when they come to you?

Crazy as it sounds, the most common reason people don’t’ find success is that they are engaging in self-defeating behaviors.  If you are not performing at the optimum level you think you ought to be; you might want to consider whether or not you’ve become your OWN WORST ENEMY.

How can you tell?  Look for these four signs!

You Use the Emergency Exit

And do you tend to come close to completing a project only to back out at the last minute?  When you feel the need to bail, it typically becomes you’re afraid to take the last step.  Either you’re too worried that it won’t work out, or worse, you’re worried that it will. It’s not uncommon to back away from that’s that frighten us.  This is why we tank a relationship when we start to feel close to the other person. It’s also why we sabotage ourselves when we hear we’re being considered for a promotion.

Your a Procrastinator

When you put things off, it typically means you are feeling unsure about what you are doing.  If you feel like your skills are not up to the task, or you’re not confident regarding the next step, it’s natural to put things off, hoping that they’ll seem more apparent later.  The problem is the clarity comes.  In truth, we only wind up sinking ourselves when we should have been asking for help.

You are burying yourself

“You can’t find peace by hiding from life”

_ Nicole Kidman_

Are you easily distracted?  If you’re worried about a project’s outcome, it’s not uncommon to throw yourself into another.  This helps you keep your mind off what worries you.  It also saves you from getting down what you need to do.

You are giving yourself the wrong Pep talk!

Instead of using some positive self-talk to get things done, are you by change some negative self-talk to keep you from trying?  After all, it’s effortless to convince ourselves that we’re failures.  Why do we do it?  Because if we know, it’s not going to work out, we never have to try in the first place..

All of these behaviors can have a seriously detrimental effect on what we’re doing.  We all are being their own worst enemies, especially when trying to accomplish something that involves any manner of risk or the tasks that are personally important to us.

The good thing is that you can STOP being your own worst enemy and start working for you, helping you, and supporting yourself. 

But what happens if you have it together and now you are your best friend, looking out for you.  However, what happens if others are not?  Would you know how to identify those people in your life?

Who Are The Most Toxic People In Your Life, who are HELPING YOU BE YOUR OWN WORST ENEMY?

May you feel like you’re holding yourself back?  Are you not achieving the success that you ought to have?  If this is the case. You might want to consider an essential thing.  You might have had some not so friendly help?.

It is uncommon to have toxic people who love nothing more than to help you be our own worst enemy in our lives.  More often than not, the sad thing is then masquerading as friends, even loving family members. Let’s look at various types of toxic people and discover who they are, helping us be our own worst enemy.

The Gossip

There’s always someone in every circle of friends who knows everything about everyone.  The scary part? They love sharing their knowledge whenever it’s an account or not.  If you’re holding back because you’re worried about what other people will think, it’s because you know people like this who will think plenty and … share it with others.

The Pessimist

This individual can look at a situation and see the potential for disaster and much quicker than they could ever see the potential for success.  These are the people who seemed to live for drama, and that comes when everything starts going wrong and will help convince you that anything you do will fail (as if you needed any help.)

The Performer

Well, this is not the person to go to any time you’re feeling unsure about a situation, or you could use some support.  The performer hears your problem and uses it as a launchpad to talk about how they had it worse.  Every conversation has to be about them.  More often than not, they seemed sympathetic, so you might mistake them for friends until you realize that they never have an equal interest in you.  They will leave you high and dry every time.

The Condescending

Whether someone is “mansplaining” or plan is looking down their noes at your accomplishments.  Condescending is an expert at helping you to feel small.  If you’re already struggling with negative self-talk, the condescending will validate the worst of what you have to say about yourself.

The Jealous

You word hard.  You accomplish great things.  But this individual will find a way to turn you down simply because they can’t stand they you’re getting ahead.  If you’re ever unsure of yourself, the jealousy will exploit this because the only way they feel like they’re Getting ahead is if you are not.

The rule of thumb with any of these is to avoid toxic people at all costs.  You don’t need false friends in your life.  Instead, find people who build you up and support you in what you do.  Remember, real friends will help you reach the most trustworthy success. motivation.

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