Do you take time to get to know others? When you become interested in other people and show interest in learning about them, you will win them over every time.

People love to talk about themselves, we all do. The key to your success is to learn to be the listener rather than the talker.

Immediately focus your attention on the other person, ask a few questions about them and show interest while you listen to their answers. When you do this, magic will happen.

You have probably been on the other end of the conversation where you can’t get a word in and the person goes on and on and on about themselves without asking a single question about you. Remember how that felt? Not so great.

Well if it has happened to you, then of course, it has happened to others. Be the listener who wants to know more about a person. Let them talk, interject into the conversation and keep it flowing.

I had a client once who could talk for 30 minutes straight without taking a breath. I’d get the phone call, almost daily, and from the moment I answered, this client would take a deep breath and then go!

I didn’t let it aggravate me because at the end of those telephone calls, the client told me how much better they felt and how nice I was to listen.

You never know what someone is going through, and you may never know how much you helped that person by just listening.

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